USCIS/Immigration/I-693 Exam

  • We offer same day or next day appointments.
  • To make an appointment, Please email your First Name,Last Name and Phone number to after completing the both Registration and I-693 forms.
  • If you have access to Printer,Print the completed I-693 form and bring it with you, do not Print on Both Sides of the Paper (Duplex).
  • If you don't have access to printer, Please email the completed I-693 form to
  • You must complete both forms before requesting an appointment.

    What to bring for Exam?

    • Passport with state ID like driving license.
    • Vaccination records.
    • Completed I-693 Form.

    What does the exam include:

    • Review of all health and vaccine documents.
    • Complete medical history.
    • General physical examination.
    • Required blood and urine tests for applicants 15 years of age and older.
    • Chest X-Ray if required for tuberculosis.
    • Vaccinations: The vaccinations required by the USCIS depend on your age.

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